Neil Young - Heart Of Gold


And I’m getting old.Keeps me searching for a heart of gold…and I’m getting old.

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Willie Nelson about to become fifth degree black belt




"Country legend and Texas icon Willie Nelson could kick your butt in a fight. No, not with his trusty guitar Trigger or throwing stars strategically hidden under his cowboy hat.

Nelson is due to receive his fifth degree black belt in the art of Gong Kwon Yu Sul, a modern Korean martial arts system, on April 28 at a martial arts studio in Austin, according to his publicist, Elaine Shock.

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Fuck yeah. Zen master Willie Nelson.

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"Heart of Glass" by Arcade Fire // Originally by Blondie 

This week, while at their Houston show, Arcade Fire continued their trend of breaking out random covers. This time it was the 1978 new wave classic, “Heart of Glass” by Blondie. The band doesn’t stray too far from the original, but that’s quite all right as it works well within the sound of their most recent release, Reflektor. Check it out via Arcade Fire Tubes.

I was at this show NO BIG DEAL

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What if they DON’T play “We Used to Wait” NO! Wait.. What if they DON’T play “Keep the Car Running”?

I’ve waited so long.. SEVEN YEARS people..


Régine Chassagne, It’s Never Over. April 1, 2014 @ Lollapalooza Argentina 

HOT damn.

HOT damn.